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"BLAIR/Digital Media has an incredibly talented marketer in Evelyn.  She has an amazing way of making her clients feel at ease all while accomplishing what one would think is an impossible task. And all with skill and grace. I highly recommend BDM. "

Joel Plotkin

Senior Vice President Bank of America  / Photographer

"We. Nailed. It. Nice work!  Really impressed with your speed and skill and talent.   You made it look great, and more importantly you made it look easy."

Gary Cerf

Owner, Goriila Suite Productions


"I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work.  You were really so critical to all the good things we were able to do this year with all the added publicity and social media outreach.  The Sponsors were thrilled with the added publicity on FB  and we sold out the event  because of your efforts,  I know that.  Thanks also for putting up with me..  You really really killed it and I wanted to you know how grateful I am for everything.  You're the best!"


Paul Padien

Sponsorship Director, Media 5 Mile Race

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